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SEAHO Archives
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The SEAHO Archives exist to make meaning of the history of an organization intent on serving its initial purpose: creating networking, support, and professional development opportunities for those engaged in the housing profession. Currently housed at Clemson University, the SEAHO Archives serve as a repository of contributed items with the primary intent of preserving historical record to inform current membership and assist in creating tangible links to our history for future generations of housing professionals. Digital copies of working documents are also maintained by the SEAHO Archives when made available to assist SEAHO leadership with maintenance and transition of documents.  

You can help contribute to SEAHO's historical record!

Many of our Housing offices across the SEAHO region have offices, conference and storage rooms where pieces of the association's history grace their bookcases and filing cabinets.

Items of particular interest include:

  • Newsletters and SEAHO Reports
  • Program books and conference materials 
  • Leadership materials (personal notes from meetings, meeting minutes, budgets, contracts, memorandum of understanding, etc.) 
  • Anything that says to you, "This should be saved." 

The SEAHO Archivist is an appointed leadership position serving on the Governing Council. The current Archivist is Jerry R. Adams, Associate Director of Residence Life at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Jerry was appointed to the position in 2020 and is the third person to serve in this capacity.  He followed Kathy Bush Hobgood from Clemson University.  Kathy was SEAHO’s second Archivist served a ten-year term and served during the organizations 50th anniversary celebration.  SEAHO's first Archivist was Dr. Gene Luna of the University of South Carolina. Serving in that role for 31 years, Gene surveyed SEAHO’s founders and other housing officers. In soliciting their memories and artifacts he saved, for history and posterity, the origins of our Association.

The Archivist's responsibilities include:

  • Providing appropriate care and maintenance for SEAHO’s physical and digital historical artifacts.
  • Ensuring that the appropriate SEAHO documents are collected on an annual basis to add to the
  • archives. These documents include, but are not limited to: meeting minutes, conference programs, budgets and any official publications.
  • Acting as a resource to the SEAHO leadership and membership on matters related to SEAHO’s history.
  • Educating membership through presentations and publications on SEAHO’s history.

You can contact Jerry, the SEAHO Archivist, via

Phone: (865) 974-1426
University Housing
2107 Andy Holt Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37996


Some key items in the SEAHO Archive:

Our Mission

SEAHO advances excellence in housing programs and staff by promoting best practices, networking, professional development and involvement opportunities.