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Past Presidents of SEAHO
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32 SEAHO Presidents at the 50th Anniversary in Louisville, Kentucky

1964-65 Don Moore Emory University
1965-66 Raymond King University of South Florida
1966-67 Dick Armstrong University of Georgia
1967-68 Joe Barnes University of South Carolina
1968-69 John Capdeville Louisiana State University
1969-70 Larry Ivy University of Kentucky
1970-71 Harold Riker University of Florida
1971-72 Dick Kraus University of South Alabama
1972-73 Jairy Hunter Appalachian State University
1973-74 Bill Foster Mississippi State University
1974-75 Pete Lamison Emory University
1974-75 Gary Schwarzmueller Georgia Institute of Technology
1975-76 Robert Stewart University of South Carolina
1976-77 Terry Ford Memphis State University
1977-78 William F. Stepp Stetson University
1978-79 James Grubb University of Tennessee
1979-80 Steve Jennings Tulane University
1980-81 Roland Wheeler Virginia Tech
1981-82 Bob Kivetz University of Southern Mississippi
1982-83 R. Randy Rice Western Carolina University
1983-84 Chuck Hulick Murray State University
1984-85 Almeda Jacks Clemson University
1985-86 George Schoffner University of Miami
1986-87 John Campbell Georgia Institute of Technology
1987-88 Dick Merritt Auburn University at Montgomery
1988-89 Daniel J. Bertsos Eastern Kentucky University
1989-90 Tony W. Cawthon Mississippi State University
1990-91 Quita Collins University of Richmond
1991-92 Rita Moser Florida State University
1992-93 Gene Luna University of South Carolina
1993-94 Coress Brandon University of Alabama
1994-95 Gary Kimble University of Southern Mississippi
1995-96 Connie L. Carson Wake Forest University
1996-97 Paul K. Jahr Georgia College and State University
1997-98 Phillip S. Riordan The University of North Carolina at Charlotte
1998-99 Cynthia Cassens Winthrop University
1999-00 Shannon D. Staten University of Louisville
2000-01 Lorinda Krhut University of Southern Mississippi
2001-02 Verna Howell Clemson University
2002-03 Susan Grant North Carolina State University
2003-04 Deb Boykin College of William and Mary
2004-05 Vera Jackson Jackson State University
2005-06 David Jones University of Alabama
2006-07 Tim Coley University of South Carolina
2007-08 Leon McClinton Clemson University
2008-09 Lisa Diekow University of Florida
2009-10 Steve Stauffer University of Kentucky
2010-11 Gay Perez University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2011-12 Paul Riel University of North Florida
Adrienne Frame
Florida State University
2013-14 Maggie Burkhart-Evans
James Madison University
2014-15 Tim Blair
North Carolina State University
2015-16 Kathy Bush Hobgood Clemson University
2016-17 Jerry Adams University of Tennessee 
2017-18  Donna McGalliard  Wake Forest University 
2018-19  Chandra Myrick  University of Tennessee 
2019-20  Gavin Roark  Virginia Commonwealth University 

Our Mission

SEAHO advances excellence in housing programs and staff by promoting best practices, networking, professional development and involvement opportunities.