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Conference History
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1964 Ann Arbor, MI University of Michigan
1965 Atlanta, GA Emory University
1966 Tampa, FL University South Florida
1967 Athens, GA University of Georgia
1968 Columbia, SC University of South Carolina
1969 Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana State University
1970 Lexington, KY University of Kentucky
1971 Gainesville, FL University of Florida
1972 Mobile, AL University of South Alabama
1973 Boone, NC Appalachian State University
1974 Biloxi, MS Mississippi State University
1975 Atlanta, GA Emory University/ Georgia Institute of Technology
1976 Charleston, SC University of South Carolina
1977 Memphis, TN Memphis State University
1978 Daytona Beach, FL Stetson University
1979 Knoxville, TN University of Tennessee
1980 New Orleans, LA Tulane University
1981 Williamsburg, VA Virginia Tech 
1982 Biloxi, MS University of Southern Mississippi
1983 Asheville, NC Western North Carolina
1984 Nashville, TN Murray State University
1985 Hilton Head, SC Clemson University
1986 Miami, Fl University of Miami
1987 Atlanta, GA Georgia Institute of Technology
1988 Montgomery, AL AL Association of Housing Officers
1989 Lexington, KY Eastern Kentucky University
1990 Jackson, MS MS Association of Housing Officers
1991 Richmond, VA VA Association of Housing Officers
1992 Memphis, TN Memphis State University and Carson-Newman College
1993 Charlotte, NC UNC at Charlotte
1994 Jacksonville, FL FL Association of Housing Officers
1995 Greenville, SC Clemson University
1996 Asheville, NC Western Carolina University and NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching
1997 Louisville, KY KY Association of Housing Officers
1998 Savannah, GA Georgia Association of Housing Officers
1999 Biloxi, MS Mississippi Association of Housing Officers
2000 Williamsburg, VA Virginia Association of Housing Officers
2001 Birmingham, AL Alabama Housing Officers Association
2002 Nashville, TN Tennessee Association of Housing Officers
2003 Baton Rouge, LA Louisiana Association of Housing Officers
2004 Hilton Head, SC South Carolina Housing Officers Association
2005 Jacksonville, FL Florida Association of Housing Officers
2006 Asheville, NC North Carolina Housing Officers
2007 Lexington, KY Kentucky Housing Officers
2008 Savannah, GA Georgia Housing Officers
2009 Birmingham, AL Alabama Housing Officers
2010 Williamsburg, VA Virginia Association of Housing Officers
2011 Mobile, AL Mississippi Association of Housing Officers
2012 Chattanooga, TN Tennessee Association of Housing Officers

 Beginning in 2013 SEAHO moved to a Conference Host Committee Model
2013 Atlanta, GA SEAHO 2013 Host Committee
2014 Louisville, KY SEAHO 2014 Host Committee
2015 Mobile, AL SEAHO 2015 Host Committee
2016 Raleigh, NC SEAHO 2016 Host Committee
2017 Chattanooga, TN
SEAHO 2017 Host Committee
2018 Biloxi, MS SEAHO 2018 Host Committee
2019 Jacksonville, FL SEAHO 2019 Host Committee
2020 Louisville, KY SEAHO 2020 Host Committee
Charleston, SC
SEAHO 2021 Host Committee
Asheville, NC
SEAHO 2022 Host Committee
Richmond, VA
SEAHO 2023 Host Committee


Where possible, recorded presentations and other materials have been made available.  Click on the conference information above to access this content, or view the entire conference content library by clicking here.

Our Mission

SEAHO advances excellence in housing programs and staff by promoting best practices, networking, professional development and involvement opportunities.