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SEAHO Awards
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Each year, through the work of the Award and Recognition Committee chaired by the President Elect, SEAHO confers a variety of awards. 

Nominations will open in late 2020.

These awards include:

  • Academic Collaboration Award
  • Charles W. Beene Memorial Service Award
  • James. C. Grimm Outstanding New Professional Award 
  • Outstanding Contributions to Research Award
  • Outstanding Corporate Partner Award
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Award
  • Outstanding Mid-Level Professional Award
  • SEAHO Founders Award
  • SEAHO Humanitarian Award
  • SEAHO Report Feature Article of the Year Award
  • SEAHO Service Awards 

Additionally, each year a number of SEAHO Conference Fee Waiver Scholarships are awarded and SEAHO Resolutions of Appreciation may be presented. 

Below are overviews for each of the awards:


This award is presented to a housing department that currently has programs in place where academic affairs are intentionally involved in on-campus residential communities. The Academic Collaboration Award will recognize a program and/or community that involves collaboration between Housing and Academic Affairs. Nomination must include:

  • an outline of academic initiatives and/or ongoing programming
  • a description of the stated learning outcomes
  • assessment results of the academic initiative (i.e., statistics on academic improvement of residents and retention rates within the residential community and/or the institution)
  • the name(s) of the individuals managing the nominated program


At the 1982 SEAHO Conference, the Charles Beene Memorial Service Award was established in memory of Charles Beene, Director of Housing at the University of Mississippi. This award is presented annually to the individual who is judged to have contributed most to the success of SEAHO during the previous year. Please note that two letters of recommendation are required and should state what the nominee has done in support of SEAHO.


This award is presented to a new professional in Housing/Residence Life who is within their first three years of professional-level employment and has demonstrated outstanding performance to his/her campus and profession, therefore demonstrating potential for a successful and effective career in housing. The recipient of this award will receive a $1,000 stipend to attend ACUHO-I. In order to be eligible for this financial support, the recipient must be currently employed in housing at a SEAHO institution. Should the recipient not be able to attend the ACUHO-I annual conference and exposition or becomes ineligible based on the criteria state above, the SEAHO President will select from the pool of other nominees for this award and offer accordingly. Nominations must include:

  • Letter clearly demonstrating outstanding examples of his/her work as a new professional.
  • Letter of support from direct supervisor


This award is presented to a/an individual(s) who have contributed to and advanced the body of knowledge of the housing profession.  The recipient of the award must submit an article detailing their completed research to the SEAHO report.  There is no requirement that the study be sanctioned or approved by any Institutional Review Board; however, submissions are expected to follow any institutional policies guiding the dissemination of research to an external publication.  If there is more than one researcher, the plaque will be presented to the first author and all individuals will be recognized when the award is presented.  Nominations must include:

An introduction and/or abstract to the research study

  •   The background of the study and/or research question
  •   A description of the involvement of any campus partners
  •   The methods of the research study
  •   The findings of the research study 

Following receipt of the award, the recipient must submit an article detailing the research to the SEAHO Report within six calendar months.


This award is presented to an individual who represents a Corporate Partner and who has shown support for SEAHO and its member institutions. The individual should have a connection to SEAHO and our annual conference for a minimum of three consecutive years through attendance at the annual conference and participation in our exhibits. One of those three years may include the year of nomination. The individual should have created relationships with institutions and to have shared their knowledge and resources by:

  • presenting at a state or SEAHO conference, or
  • writing an article for the SEAHO report or Talking Stick, and/or
  • have their products/services represented on SEAHO member institution campuses. 

Nominations must include two letters of support from SEAHO member institutions describing how the individual/company has shown their support of the organization and/or institution.


This award gives special recognition to an individual who, through dedicated service to their home institution, has shown dedication to the profession and the students that they serve. Candidates for the award must be in (at least) their second year of graduate work and be employed by a housing department of an institution in the SEAHO region. Nomination must include
two letters of support, one must be from the nominee's direct supervisor.


This award is presented to a mid-level housing professional who supports and mentors entry-level and support staff, works to recruit students and retain colleagues in the field, and creates new strategies for connecting with students and improving the department, while sharing their experiences in the field. This professional is dedicated to working with students, the department or profession. The nominee should be involved in state, regional, or national organizations. Nominees should have served in housing or residence life as a professional for at least seven years and must be currently employed at an institution in the SEAHO region. Nominations must include two letters of support, one must be from direct supervisor.


This award gives special recognition to an individual within the Association who through dedicated service and initiative to SEAHO has epitomized the work and endeavors of the founders of the Southeastern Association of Housing Officers such as Harold Riker, Edith McCollum, John Storey, Donald R. Moore, and Raymond C. King. Nominations may be submitted by any housing/residence life professional who is an active SEAHO member. Each nomination should be supported by two letters of recommendation. Individuals submitting supporting letters of recommendation may not be from the same institution as the person who made the nomination or from the nominee’s own institution

Criteria for the award are as follows. A nominee:

  1. Must have actively served in the SEAHO region as a housing/residence life professional for at least five years.
  2. Must have served on a minimum of two different SEAHO committees or task forces or have been a member of the Governing Council.
  3. Must have made contributions to SEAHO and housing/residence life profession that are judged to have been instrumental in furthering the advancement of the organization and the profession it represents.


 This award recognizes an individual or individuals within SEAHO who has/have gone above and beyond the call of duty for a student in crisis by demonstrating physical effort, spiritual commitment, or act of bravery, determination, and courage. Nomination must include two letters of support; o ne from a colleague, supervisor, or persons who they supervise, and one from a letter from the Chief Housing Officer, Dean of Students, or Assistant/Associate/Vice President for Student Affairs showing support.


The PEACE (Providing Educational Advocacy for Cultural Excellence) Award is presented to a member to honor and recognize outstanding contributions and service to the SEAHO region through the advancement of diversity and multiculturalism. Such advancement can be attributed to advocacy, leadership, mentorship, educational initiatives, and programming. The recipient must have been a member of a SEAHO institution for at least one full academic year and will have demonstrated exceptional service in the areas of diversity and multiculturalism on their home campus and/or to SEAHO. Examples include:

  • Encouraging members of underrepresented groups to become involved in the housing profession
  • Promoting a greater understanding of diversity issues (racism, ageism, sexism, gay and lesbian concerns, religious differences, persons with disabilities)
  • Presenting programs on topics of diversity and/or multiculturalism
  • Serving as an ally
  • Mentoring members of underrepresented groups
  • Mentoring young professionals in the area of diversity education
  • Supporting the SEAHO Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Nominations must include two letters of support which speak to demonstrated examples related to the list above.


The SEAHO Report Feature Article of the Year Award was established in 2001 and first awarded in 2002. The SEAHO Report Editor(s) coordinates the SEAHO Report Feature Article of the Year Award selection. The SEAHO Report Editor(s) should submit copies of the SEAHO Report to each of the SEAHO State Editors. Under the leadership of the SEAHO Report Editor(s), the Committee selects the best feature article from the most recent three (3) issues following each annual conference. The Committee also has the opportunity to name up to two (2) other articles for "Excellent Submission” recognition. The SEAHO Report Editor(s) presents the awards at the annual conference. The Feature Article of the Year Award requests $50 annually to support this award initiative including $30 for the award winning plaque and $20 for "Excellent Submission” plaques.


Each year, each SEAHO member institution may nominate one person from its staff to receive a SEAHO Service Award. The awards are intended to offer the institution an opportunity to recognize a staff person who has made significant contribution to residence hall students and the housing organization.


Each Scholarship recipients will receive free registration for the annual conference. All other cost incurred for travel and lodging are the responsibility of the recipient. If the recipients are announced prior to the conference, the Association may assist the recipients in networking with other delegates to help offset costs, especially if the recipient’s home institution does not have other professionals attending the conference.

The Awards and Recognition Chairperson, in conjunction with the Treasurer, will arrange for the fee waiver.

Program Guidelines

  • SEAHO will offer an Annual Conference Fee Waiver Scholarship to up to 10 delegates.
  • The recipient selection is the responsibility of SEAHO.
  • The selection process will be supervised by the Awards and Recognition Committee.
  • The Governing Council of SEAHO will establish criteria for eligibility and selection.
    • Eligibility shall be limited to:
      • New or renewing professionals (first through third years), or
      • Entry level persons, or
      • Interns and graduate students.
    • Other selection criteria:
      • Ideally, there will be one scholarship recipient per SEAHO State.
      • Recipients should represent both public and private institutions.
    • Selection Criteria Successful candidate(s):
      • Must have shown personal initiative to pursue a career in student affairs and demonstrated competence such as the following:
        • has sought to broaden her/his own base of professional understanding through participation and involvement in other organizations.
        • has sought to be a contributing member of the student affairs department by participating in both institutional and departmental committees.
        • has been an outstanding advisor to both students and student groups.
        • has sought to broaden her/his own understanding of diverse student needs.
      • Must submit an application to the Awards and Recognition Chair by the publicized deadline. Application must include:
        • A letter indicating why he/she is applying.
        • A current resume.
        • A one page letter of support from his/her Chief Housing or Student Affairs Officer and/or professor.
      • Must be able to attend the Annual Conference and participate in a Peer Mentor Program.
      • Must be willing to write an account of the conference experience to the SEAHO President following the conclusion of the conference for possible publication in the SEAHO Report. 


A form of official recognition by SEAHO, a "Resolution of Appreciation", strives to:

  1. To allow a vehicle for recognizing distinguished leaders in Housing and Residence Life in the southeast who leave the field through retirement, career change, or death.
  2. To publicly honor these individuals at a SEAHO annual conference.
  3. To record the outstanding contributions of these individuals for posterity.


  1. Any member of the SEAHO Governing Council may present a proposed Resolution of Appreciation to the Governing Council for consideration.
  2. The Governing Council must approve a proposed resolution by a simple majority.
  3. Approved resolutions will be read to SEAHO delegates at the annual conference at a time prescribed by the SEAHO president.
  4. Honoree(s) and/or family members may be invited to the annual conference to receive a resolution of appreciation.

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