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SEAHO 2018 Livestream
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Below are the sessions that will be live streamed from SEAHO 2018 in Biloxi, MS.

Friday, March 9th from 10:15-11:15am CST

Using Data to Light the Way

You are likely collecting data in a number of ways. Program attendance, maintenance requests, retention, the list goes on forever. What is being done with all of the information? How can you use this to shed some light on the future for your department? Let's talk data and what it can do for you! 

Presenter(s): Renee Richard-Gonce, Louisiana State University  

Friday, March 9th from 9:15-10:15am CST

Navigating Professional Transition - The Growing Pains & Positive Takeaways

Staff growth and transition tend to be common occurrences in higher education. Have you ever worked with someone as a co-worker and then one of you transition to the supervisor role? Have you ever transitioned to a new position to replace the person still working in the department? Have you or a colleague ever experienced anxiety about a new work structure? If you have considered any of these questions, then this may be the program for you. In addition to our own personal experiences, we will highlight valuable feedback from other housing professionals. Come join us as we review our experiences with position transition and working through change. 

Presenter(s): Gavin Roark, Virginia Commonwealth University; Andrea Becker, Virginia Commonwealth University ; Megan Becker, Virginia Commonwealth University

Thursday, March 8th from 2:30-3:30pm CST

Navigating Institutional Technical Crises

Technology is designed to create more efficiency in processes and improve the quality of our work. No matter in what area of housing you may work, we all rely on technology and often mass communication. But what happens when technology takes on a life of its own? Join us as we share first-hand experiences of responding to multiple technological crises. From campus partner communication to implementing preventative measures, we examine critical response to large–scale technical malfunctions and how it may apply to your campus.

Presenter(s): Stormy Walker, Florida State University; Steven Kleuver, Florida State University

Thursday, March 8th from 1:15-2:15pm CST

Best of North Carolina: How To Be Black at Work: How Professionalism and Personal Identity Conflate in Your Career

Being black is difficult. Being black in the US is even more difficult. Being black in the US at work is a battle whose conditions and secondary trauma cannot be quantified. But every day, we ask our seasoned professional staff, our entry level staff, our graduate students, our student staff, and even our residents, to shoulder it, gracefully. Since the inception of America, society has held a particular infatuation with the black experience in this country, without actually attempting to understand the implications of such an experience. How does that translate when you live & work in the same place with no reprieve? In this session, we discuss the implications of personal identity, professionalism, respectability politics, and authenticity for black professionals. This session is interactive, so attendees can expect to be questioned and challenged, but also heard and understood in a way that does not exist consistently in any other part of our careers. This one is For Us, By Us. 

Presenter(s): Janine Weaver-Douglas, Duke University; John Miller, IV, Duke University; Detric Robinson, Elon University

Thursday, March 8th from 10:15-11:15am CST

Fair Housing: It’s not just about emotional support animals!

In the last few years, at least six schools have settled or lost cases regarding compliance with the FHA. Assistance animals have been the focus, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Some institutions have yet to align policies that conform to the Fair Housing Act. HUD and DOJ, however, continue to enforce the provisions of the FHA on the nation's campuses. Interested in being proactive? Here's a chance for campus leaders to consider now how FHA facility design requirements, students with custody of a child, and “steering" might impact student housing in the future. 

Presenter(s): Chelsea Metivier, The Scion Group; Kathy Hobgood, Clemson University; Eric Luskin, The Scion Group

Wednesday, March 7th from 3:45-4:45pm CST

Rolling the Dice on Deferred Maintenance:  How to Make Informed Decisions

This program will focus on how to decide which projects should become the priority and which ones can be deferred to later years. We will discuss how to evaluate buildings, discuss partnerships, and strategies for maximizing the lifecycle of your buildings and components. 

Presenter(s): Matthew Kerch, The University of Alabama; Neil McMillion, The University of Alabama; Steven Hood, The University of Alabama

Wednesday, March 7th from 2:30-3:30pm CST

ACUHO-I: This is Where You Belong!

Are you curious about how ACUHO-I works to make the campus housing profession better? Attend this session and learn more about ACUHO-I's strategic plan and new opportunities for involvement at the national and international levels! Additionally, data will be highlighted from the Campus Housing Index. Linda Kasper and Kirsten Kennedy serve on ACUHO-I's Executive Board, and they are excited to share new initiatives that move the profession forward. 

Presenter(s): Kirsten Kennedy, University of South Carolina; Linda Kasper, University of Georgia

Our Mission

SEAHO advances excellence in housing programs and staff by promoting best practices, networking, professional development and involvement opportunities.