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50 Years of SEAHO
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 Commemorating SEAHO's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Mementos of Celebration

What SEAHO Means to Me - Leaders from Each Decade,

in Their Words

Starting in 2012, the SEAHO Oral History project morphed into a YouTube video to gather testimonials from many leaders who helped shape SEAHO. 


Don Moore, What SEAHO Means to Me


Following a tradition established in 1989 during the 25th anniversary of SEAHO, Fiftieth Anniversary Edition of A History of the Southeastern Association of Housing Officers was written for distribution via hard copy at SEAHO 2014. 


 A digital copy can be accessed here: 

Fiftieth Anniversary Edition: A History of the Southeastern Association of Housing Officers



 Coins depicting the logo of SEAHO during the 25th anniversary and 50th anniversary were given to all attendees of the SEAHO 2014 conference. 






Gary Schwarzmueller, What SEAHO Means to Me


Each conference attendee also received a pin which visually incorporated the conference logo.



  Toasting glasses were utilized at the SEAHO 2014 opening held at Churchill Downs. 




Dan Bertsos, What SEAHO Means to Me



 The opportunity to gather a significant number of SEAHO Past Presidents and incorporate mentoring, a unique keynote approach, and time for conversations was accented with the distribution of buttons for each SEAHO President to wear to allow for easy identification by other conference attendees. 





Sue Beebe, What SEAHO Means to Me



Jerry Adams, What SEAHO Means to Me



Dei Allard, What SEAHO Means to Me


If you have photos from the SEAHO 2014 conference, please submit those to the SEAHO Archives. The SEAHO Archivist can be reached via email at

Our Mission

SEAHO advances excellence in housing programs and staff by promoting best practices, networking, professional development and involvement opportunities.