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SEAHO 2019 Treasurer Slate
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Treasurer Slate

The Treasurer shall serve as the custodian of all association funds and disbursements; maintain all association funds in U.S. Government-insured accounts; maintain a fidelity bond at least equal to the highest balance of association funds during the previous year; maintain careful and sufficient records to account for all association funds and make such records available to any member or officer of the Association upon request; serve as an ex-officio member of the Reserve Fund Committee; serve as official SEAHO signatory on all contracts; and perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by either the President or the Governing Council.


Zach Blackmon, PhD, MBA

Assistant Director of Operations | Wake Forest University

“Home is where the heart is”. This adage has rung true to me as I’ve established SEAHO as my professional home. Since my first exposure to SEAHO, I’ve found SEAHO to be a source of personal growth, professional development, and fellowship. I’ve always felt welcome and mostly warm (even when the weather doesn’t always cooperate) at SEAHO conferences in a way that I would at my home. Similarly, as I’ve become involved and built deeper relationships, many within the association have become like family. It is this sense of home, and a desire to take care of home, that continues to drive me to serve the association.

My involvement with SEAHO started as a graduate student at Clemson University. I was fortunate to have leaders who encouraged and supported me getting involved. At my first conference (Atlanta; 2013), I was connected with the then webmaster and technology coordinator - many of you will remember “the Ryan’s”. They quickly allowed me to join them on the work of the association's website, where I quickly recognized the vast reach and impact of SEAHO. My professional career then began at Wake Forest University as a Residence Life Coordinator. Again, I was fortunate to have leaders who were invested in both me and SEAHO. Currently, I have the pleasure of serving as the Assistant Director of Operations at Wake Forest.

Within SEAHO, I’ve had the opportunity to work with leaders throughout the association to gain an understanding of all that SEAHO is and does. These roles have also granted me the opportunity to be a part of the work of the association - ranging from strategic planning to conference site selection to conference and event registrations. My experiences on the Governing Council, Executive Board, and Host Committees - outlined below - have allowed me to develop both the knowledge and relationships necessary to be successful as SEAHO’s next treasurer.

  • Webmaster - 2015-2017 - Worked to finalize website redesign
  • Technology Coordinator - 2017-2019 - Updated awards process, improved association communications, and coordinated with conference committees on web & registration
  • Conference Committees
    • 2016 - Raleigh, NC - Registration Chair
    • 2018 - Biloxi, MS - Technology and A/V Chair
    • 2020 - Louisville, KY - Technology and A/V Chair
    • 2021 - Charleston, SC - Budget Chair

It is exciting to be running for a role which will allow me to apply both my coursework from my Master of Business Administration (MBA) and my experiences with budget management. It is an exciting time for the association as our Legacy Fund begins to mature and produce funds that can supplement the associations budget. As Treasurer, I would work with the Executive Board, Governing Council, and members to ensure the association remains both financially stable and responsible. Fortunately, I can bring my past work in the association forward with me into this new role. In addition to continuing to foster a commitment to transparency, I would work tirelessly to ensure our beloved SEAHO thrives by focusing on the following goals:

  • Work to separate the RELI budget from the overall association budget, similar to what has been done with the Annual Conference budget
  • Work with the Executive Board and others to evaluate the role of Corporate Partners in regards to the association’s finances and ensure we are making appropriate asks of this group
  • Consider ways that technology can assist in managing the association's finances
  • Develop a process for allocating the returns from the Legacy Fund in ways that best impact member development

In closing, I want to say how honored and humbled I am to be named on this slate of wonderful people! If elected, I will pick up the reigns of Two-Step and Legacy with reverence. Finally, many thanks to each and every person who has been a part of my SEAHO experience and to Donna McGalliard and her committee for their coordination of the nomination and election process.


Shylan Scott

Assistant Director for Residence Life | College of William and Mary
I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for SEAHO treasurer. SEAHO has been my professional home for many years, and I am excited about the opportunity to continue to give back in this role.
My previous experiences have provided skills and knowledge to be effective in the treasurer position. Prior to my work in student affairs, I worked at a brokerage firm monitoring, managing, and balancing various types of accounts including a multi-million dollar wire account. In this position, I worked with mutual funds reconciling client accounts, correcting trades, finding and correcting errors, and auditing business accounts. Within SEAHO, my experience with managing registration and a conference budget provide knowledge and preparation in handling one of the core pieces of our overall budget. I am excited about the opportunity to work with others and to think holistically about funding our most important priorities to facilitate our association’s future.
My strengths include having keen attention to detail, analytical thinking, curiosity, and having a sense of responsibility for SEAHO to achieve its goals and strategic plan. I understand my fiduciary responsibility to be a good steward of our finances. I will work diligently to keep SEAHO in strong standing financially to be able to give back to members, students, and to strengthen our profession.
J. David Wilson, EdD
Director of Housing | Murray State University

I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for SEAHO Treasurer. Since I started my journey in housing several years ago as a new professional at Mississippi State University, I have constantly been reminded of the value in participating in our state, regional and international housing organizations. SEAHO is truly run by volunteers who give their time and talents to the organization.

Since attending my first SEAHO conference, I have treasured the opportunities for my personal and professional growth and the friendships I have developed across the housing profession that only happened because of this organization. I believe the strength of SEAHO can be found in the knowledge, experience, diversity and passion of our membership and it is these valuable aspects that make us one of the top regional organizations in the country.

If elected treasurer, I have very simple goals. I want to continue the current treasurer’s hard work to have transparency in our finances, to have accountability with our funds, and to work with the Conference Coordinator and the various SEAHO committees to continue to be good stewards of our budget. I also want to continue to work to make the SEAHO conference an affordable professional experience, but I believe that there are also opportunities outside of the SEAHO conference to support our constituents’ professional development. We have discussed this the last few years and I would like to continue having these discussions with the executive
board, the governing council, and our membership to identify areas SEAHO could serve our region.

It has been my great pleasure to serve the SEAHO membership in several volunteer positions during my time in the region. I would welcome the opportunity and challenge to serve SEAHO as the next treasurer. Again, I am grateful for being nominated and it would be an honor to serve you. While this may be cliché, I truly believe that together we can make a difference.



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