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SEAHO 2018 Secretary
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Secretary Slate

The Secretary shall serve as the official correspondent and record-keeper for the Association; shall record and distribute minutes from all official Executive Board and Governing Council meetings, including conference calls, and perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned by either the President or the Governing Council. The Secretary is elected for a two-year term


Andy Petters

Assistant Dean | University of Virginia 

Dear SEAHO Colleagues,

My name Andy Petters, and I’m an Assistant Dean with Housing & Residence Life at the University of Virginia.  I previously worked in residence life positions at NC State University and UNC – Chapel Hill within the SEAHO region.  I’m running for re-election to the position of Secretary.  I appreciate your consideration and hope that you’ll vote for me.

SEAHO is where I’ve found my home in the profession.  I was first involved with SEAHO through the Placement Committee.  I remained an active member with Placement, including being the liaison to the Southern Placement Exchange for a year.  I later helped to craft the proposal to transform the Placement Committee into its current form as Career Support Services.  I was the chair of this new committee and a member of the SEAHO 2016 host committee.

I’ve also been active on the state level and participated in ACUHO-I programs.  I served as the Technology Coordinator for NCHO for two years and was on the host committee for NCHO’s annual conference in 2009.  For a period of time, I contributed to NCHO’s Signpost with a regular Dear Andy advice column.  After moving to Virginia, I was involved with VACUHO as a Regional Ambassador.  I was a NHTI participant during the summer of 2012 and was an ACUHO-I intern while in graduate school.  Last spring, I attended the inaugural ACUHO-I Mid-Level Managers Institute. 

The primary duties of the Secretary are to serve as “the official correspondent and record keeper for the Association.”  I believe that my past experiences have prepared me to continue serving in this leadership role with SEAHO.  It is not easy to accomplish the responsibilities of this position as we all have multiple tasks and priorities to manage, but I have refined systems over time to keep myself organized.  My goals for the position are to continue focusing on the following areas: 

  •  Agendas & Minutes:  I will keep track of meeting agendas and minutes and make sure they are disseminated to the Executive Board and Governing Council.
  • Communication:  I will share information through our website, SEAHO Report, and through working with the Director of State Reps.  I will also be accessible to those who are looking for information or who need assistance.
  • Record Retention:  I will work closely with the Archivist to maintain fully up-to-date and accurate records over the course of time that I’d be fortunate to serve as Secretary.

Thank you again for your consideration, and I hope that you’ll cast your vote for me.




Andy Petters


Bryan Botts
 Assistant Director | North Carolina State University

It is humbling and an honor to be nominated as a candidate for SEAHO’s Secretary. SEAHO is near and dear to my heart and has played a significant role in my professional journey. My first introduction to SEAHO occurred in Savannah, Georgia, at the 2008 Annual Conference and I have been affiliated with SEAHO ever since. In 2008 I instantly connected with a community of educators who work hard to cultivate a positive student experience on their campuses. I am privileged to maintain an affiliation with an Association committed to the profession and professional development. An Association such as SEAHO has the power to connect and engage members with all levels of experiences and partners who support housing and residence life.

At my first Annual Conference, I joined the committee now known as the Marketing and Organizational Promotions Committee. I served this committee in various roles and chaired the committee from February 2014 until February 2016. During this time I worked with the committee to establish and increase SEAHO’s social media presence. Through social media engagement, SEAHO has expanded its presence and ability to provide professional development beyond the Annual Conference. Outside of SEAHO committee involvement, I have been honored to be selected as a RELI (2011) participant and receive recognition for Graduate Student of the Year (2009) and The Charles W. Beene Memorial Service Award (2016). The RELI experience and recognition deepened my desire to identify any and every opportunity to give back to the Association.

Outside of SEAHO I have been active in the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education and most recently ACPA’s Residential Curriculum Institute. Within both experiences I have sought opportunities to play a supportive role on planning committees or through program planning. These experiences have allowed me to identify constituent needs and opportunities to engage various levels of professionals

As a result of my SEAHO involvement, I am committed to assisting in the advancement of the Association. In the Secretary role I would commit to: advancing the Association’s Strategic Plan, utilize SEAHO’s new website to share meeting minutes and Association information, and preserve the history of the Association by documenting the present.

It would be an honor to serve SEAHO as Secretary. My involvement within SEAHO and other professional organizations have provided me significant experiences for this position. I would welcome the opportunity to serve the Association and identify opportunities to give back and support others just as I have been supported. Thank you for your consideration and support! 

Jimmy McClellan
 Residence Life Coordinator | University of South Carolina

We know that involvement is the key to helping college feel like home for so many of our students, which is why I am humbled and thankful for the opportunity to be nominated as a candidate for the Secretary of SEAHO, my professional home. Throughout my time with housing and residence life departments in Florida, Virginia, and South Carolina, and while participating in the Regional Entry-Level Institute (RELI), my journey with SEAHO has provided me with experience and knowledge that is unmatched by any other professional organization I have been a part of. These experiences afforded me with the drive, skills, and relationships that will allow me to exceed expectations as Secretary. I felt called to accept the nomination for this position after reading through the guiding documents and strategic vision for the organization. As SEAHO Secretary, I plan to connect the organization to the future through my work as the record-keeper, ushering in the use of technology that makes information more free-flowing and accessible.

In alignment with SEAHO’s strategic plan over the next 3-5 years, I have developed goals for the Secretary position that include supplementing traditionally typed minutes with media that allows for quick and easy understanding; adopting a web-based system of task-tracking to keep the Governing Council updated on the status of projects; and, connecting the Governing Council to the next generation of housing leaders.

SEAHO’s Future of:

  1. Minute-Taking. We are in an era where we have technology to design and innovate how our information is being communicated. In addition to typed minutes, I would create infographics covering new information and decisions that could be easily displayed on the SEAHO website and in the SEAHO Report. Additionally, as a way to connect members and leadership, I would deliver periodic podcasts to explain new changes, interview game changers in our organization, and facilitate educational content.
  2. Task-Tracking. In an organization where members only see each other in person a handful of times per year, accountability is key to ensuring tasks are completed. By utilizing a task-tracking platform such as Asana, Gantt Charts, or a free homegrown Google Drive system, the executive board would be able to increase efficiency and continue creating professional development opportunities and educational resources for our members.
  3. Involvement. I am fully aware that I am a tad bit newer to the profession than candidates who have run for this position in the past. Being an entry-level professional is an asset that will allow me to bring a voice to the Executive Board that is currently underrepresented. I will leverage this identity to connect with new and entry-level members of SEAHO in an effort to expand membership, further creating a home for everyone in the organization.

SEAHO has impacted me, both personally and professionally, in ways I never knew possible. I am lucky to work in a profession that cares so much about the development of the people who support and advocate for students across the Southeast. Even though it seems that the landscape in which we work changes daily, we know we have the support of this comprehensive organization, caring about our well-being, professional development, and ongoing education. As SEAHO Secretary, I will help connect our organization to the future through my job duties and as an advocate for members of all backgrounds and experiences. SEAHO is home.


Our Mission

SEAHO advances excellence in housing programs and staff by promoting best practices, networking, professional development and involvement opportunities.