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Program Session Topic Areas
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Programming - Topic Areas

The Programming Committee has developed the topical areas below to help guide and shape your program submissions. All the categories below address a need or niche within our profession and we would love to offer programs in all these areas. Please consider your areas of expertise and submit a program proposal on one of these topics.   

Administrative Operations and Technology

This category should include presentations about occupancy management, human resources, business services, processes related to applications/contracts/renewals/room assignments and selection, marketing strategies, communications plans, billing and financial management, and how housing departments are enhancing processes and procedures through the use of technology. Programs highlighting specific and innovative uses of technology in the completion of our work as housing professionals are also appropriate for submission in this category.


This category should include presentations on methods, topics, and results of assessment and benchmarking initiatives and how housing departments utilize data to identify and address student needs, create best practices, and improve performance and service delivery. Programs highlights data driven changes on your campus based on assessment feedback are also applicable to this category.

Business Operations

This category should include presentations on business services, conference operations, creative revenue generations, partnerships, billing and financial management, budget philosophies, budget creation, master planning, fiscal management and the like.

Crisis Management and Legal Issues

This category should include presentations on best practices, trends, and preparation of plans in crisis management/risk management/legal issues (i.e. emergency plans, mental health preparation, legal precedents and decisions that affect the profession, and staff utilization areas) and fosters participant understanding of how to utilize information on their campus and have a better understanding of the steps to manage issues and emergencies at their institution. It could also include topics about student conduct, prevention efforts, conflict resolution, and on-call systems/response procedures.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This category addresses the myriad of the social justice and multicultural issues we face on our campuses. Programs can be focused on a particular topic (i.e. addressing socioeconomic status in residential programming) or can be about specific initiatives or programs taking place on your campus you think would benefit other campuses. Additionally, research or readings in these areas can be presented as Programs. Programs in this area are intended to increase the knowledge of the participants surrounding social justice and multicultural issues and to provide ideas for working with these issues on our campuses.

Facilities Management

This category should include presentations about maintenance and/or custodial operations or programs, construction and renovation projects of interest, and a focus on sustainability in design and LEED projects. (i.e. maintenance/custodial organizational structure, developing relationships with physical plant, new construction/renovation projects and LEED certification, selecting architects, mold remediation, bed bugs, and customer service are representative topics). Other topics may include plans for renovations, campus preparedness protocols, facilities assessment, maintenance plans, etc.


This category should include presentations about working collaboratively with partners internally, institutionally, and externally. Topics may include Public-Private Housing partnerships, Academic Initiatives, Living Learning Communities, Residential Learning Programs, Specialized Housing, Theme Housing, Greek Life, Conduct, responding to students of concern, First Year Experience, service learning, etc.

Practitioner Development

This category focuses on us as Student Affairs Professionals. Programs in this category are topical in nature and focus on things like professional development plans/opportunities, work and life balance/integration, personal development readings, moving off campus for the first time, personality typographies, mentorship, moving on in the profession, continuing education, etc. This grouping of programs is intended to address some of the common personal issues that Housing Professionals face and present a forum to discuss these topics.

Student Development

This category should include presentations on current practices, trends, and issues concerning resident and staff supervision/development (i.e. accountability/performance reviews, motivation/recognition, assisting staff in attaining new knowledge/skills/abilities, gaining increasing levels of competence, and growing professionally), what your institution is doing to stay ahead of these concerns (examples may include such programs as training, in-service education, and continuing education), and provide participants a better understanding of how to adapt the presenter’s practices and methods to meet an institution’s specific needs. This area also encompasses leadership development and advising.

Our Mission

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