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Relationship with ACUHO-I
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ACUHO-I and Regional Associations Statement of Affiliation

Approved by SEAHO Governing Council November 4, 1999

1. The Association of College and University Housing Officers-International recognizes the regional Associations as interdependent, independent and separate Associations. It is at the discretion of each region to determine their affiliation with ACUHO-I.
2. ACUHO-I promotes cooperation among the international Association, its central office, and the regional Associations: Northeast NEACUHO

Mid-Atlantic MACUHO
Southwest SWACUHO
Upper Midwest UMR-ACUHO
Great Lakes GLACUHO
Northwest NWACUHO
Western WACUHO
Intermountain AIMHO
Southeast SEAHO
Australasia AACUHO
Ontario OACUHO

3. Responsibilities of ACUHO-I to Affiliated Regions:
a. Host regional web sites on the Central Office web server on request. All parties will need to agree to appropriate fee in advance. Links to Regional Web sites located elsewhere will be provided on the ACUHO-I site at no charge.
b. Serve as a clearinghouse of information: seek and distribute to other regions as requested

• Regional executive board rosters
• Regional budgets
• Regional newsletters
• Regional organizational structures

c. Provide to Regional Executive Boards ACUHO-I information as requested

• Surveys, questionnaires, and findings of the Research and Information Committee
• Names of Annual Conference exhibitors and speakers
• Names of ACUHO-I College presenters
• Membership data (see original document) • Listing of all ACUHO-I committee and task force members
• Placement services information

d. Distribute to each regional president

• Talking Stick (monthly)
• ACUHO-I Directory (at issuance)
• ACUHO-I Executive Board roster
• Leadership Manual (at annual conference)

e. Provide regional meeting time and reception time at annual conference

 f. Coordinate the timing and sponsorship of the volleyball tournament

g. Schedule the Regional Presidents meeting at the annual conference
• The president of the region hosting the conference shall determine the meeting time, date, and agenda. The president will also coordinate the distribution of a "region survey”.

h. Provide financial support/funds to cover additional lodging and food costs for the regional president and president-elect to attend the ACUHO-I annual conference President Meeting.

i. Invite President(s) and President(s)-Elect to meet with the ACUHO-I Executive Board at the annual conference.

j. Provide program slots at the annual conference for the outstanding regional conference programs.

k. Via the District Representatives, seek input, concerns, feedback, and suggestions from the regions.

l. Include regional submissions on the Executive Board agenda.

m. Send District Representative to regional conferences. Unless decided differently by each region, the region will cover conference registration and room and board during the conference. ACUHO-I will pay for the travel. It is understood that travel, conference fees, and room and board is expected to be covered by the District Representative when they’re attending their "home” regional conference.

4. Responsibilities of Affiliated Regions to ACUHO-I

a. Update and maintain regional web site on a regular basis; work closely with Central Office.
b. Submit to Central Office:

• Regional executive board roster
• Regional budget
• Regional newsletter
• Regional organizational structures
• Other regional information that may be helpful to other regions

c. Be judicious in requests of information from ACUHO-I.

d. Send regional newsletters to District Representative, ACUHO-I Secretary, ACUHO-I President, ACUHO-I Executive Director, Publications Coordinator, The Talking Stick editor.

e. Participate in the Regional Presidents meeting at the annual ACUHO-I conference.

 f. Send two representatives to the ACUHO-I Executive Board meeting at the annual conference.

g. Submit quarterly reports to the District Representative.

h. Promote ACUHO-I membership, ACUHO-I workshops, placement services, and donations to the ACUHO-I Foundation to regional members.

i. Regions choosing to use ACUHO-I as a service provider for their web site will pay fees negotiated in advance with ACUHO-I for the specific services requested.

5. Dues a. Since ACUHO-I and a region would benefit from formal affiliation, we believe that affiliation should not be connected with dues. It is understood no out-of-pocket cost would be passed on to the Regions. In other words, there are no hidden costs.
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