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Educational Program Committee
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The Educational Programs Committee is composed of members and a chairperson appointed by the President. The Committee will:

  1. Publicize, select, and award the Educational Programs Grant Opportunities.
  2. Recruit and secure the Scholar in Residence for the annual conference.
  3. Develop and implement the graduate and new professional case study competitions at the annual conference.
  4. Maintain the grant information online and publicizes who receives the grants

To achieve these goals, the Educational Programs Committee is comprised of the following subcommittees: Educational Grants, Case Study, Scholar-in-Residence, and Database & Dissemination.

Current membership of these subcommittees can be found below:


Below are descriptions of each subcommittee and its work. 

Educational Grants
The Educational Grant Committee is a committee that truly looks at the experiences and the innovative programs/initiatives universities in the SEAHO region are creating for their students. Universities are able to submit these programs/initiatives through the SEAHO webpage. We as a committee review all submissions together and select those in which we would like to provide financial support to through the grant funding that SEAHO gives us. The sole purpose of these grants is to help these programs/initiatives to continue and to grow for the following academic year. This past year we as a committee selected four submissions in which we gave grants that ranged from $500 - $1500. One goal we will have this year is to expand our Educational Grants to possibly have spring and fall winner(s). Another will be to try and personally reach out to universities in SEAHO to let them know about the educational grants. We would like to see a continued increase in submissions. The Educational Grant Subcommittee is honestly one that is a lot of fun and is one that you get to learn about all the amazing things our colleagues in the region are doing. We look forward to welcoming you into our team and help creating something that will make a difference at each university that looks to us for assistance.


Case Study
The Case Study Subcommittee provides individuals within SEAHO the opportunity to interact with pertinent and relevant issues affecting housing, residence life, and higher education.   Currently, the most prominent way this takes place is through the Case Study Competition at the SEAHO annual conference. During the competition, graduate and entry level professionals are paired together and tasked with developing solutions to large scale issues.  These individuals are not only introduced to topics of interest, but are challenged to think critically and from multiple perspectives to develop strong plans of action for addressing concerns they are presented with. As the annual competition grows stronger and stronger, we look forward to expanding our reach throughout the year! In particular, will be developing opportunities for individuals to interact more consistently with case study style learning, including a mid-year, online case study competition.  The Case Study subcommittee is a lot of fun to work with, and is perfect for individuals who want to bring ongoing, application-based learning to the SEAHO region.  Committee members work with all facets of the case study experience, from writing the studies and rubrics, to coordinating logistics of the competition, to developing ongoing communication with those interested in this style of learning.  We look forward to having you on the team!


The Scholar-in-Residence Subcommittee primarily serves the SEAHO region through the recruitment, selection, announcement, and coordination of the Scholar-in-Residence. Historically, the SIR is a notable scholar within the SEAHO region, and is asked to interact with conference attendees through "office-hours," a conference presentation, and a publication in the SEAHO report. For the SEAHO 2017 conference the Subcommittee is looking to add additional opportunities for the SIR to interact with members, particularly outside of the annual conference.


Database & Dissemination
The Database & Dissemination Subcommittee seeks to organize an online, open platform for SEAHO membership to engage in knowledge-sharing. Currently, the subcommittee is working on organizing the platform, topics to guide the online body of knowledge, marketing, and templates for easy use. Working in close collaboration with SEAHO's webmasters, the subcommittee hopes to have a sample to be shared at the mid-year conference.


Educational Programs Committee Reports

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2014 Graduate Students Case Study PDF (66.4 KB) Administration 2/10/2014
2014 New Professionals Case Study PDF (77.51 KB) Administration 2/10/2014

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