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Website Management Committee
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The SEAHO Website Management Committee is compromised of member volunteers, the Webmaster, and the Technology Coordinator who is appointed by the SEAHO President. The Technology Coordinator and Webmaster attends governing council meetings as a non-voting members.

Website updates can be submitting by the Governing Council using the Contact Us form. Both the Technology Coordinator and the Webmaster can be reached by e-mailing

Responsibilities and Duties

The Website Management Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Creating, maintaining, and updating webpages on the SEAHO website
  • Administering the content management system, conference registration system, Placement system, and other related technologies
  • Coordinating with the Conference Host committee to provide technological resources to ensure a successful annual conference
  • Overseeing the use of technologies such as mobile applications or third party software
  • Collaborating with Committee Chairs and the Executive Board in promoting technology for the advancement of SEAHO's mission
  • Implementing website policies as designated by the Technology Coordinator and the Executive Board

In addition, the Webmaster in partnership with the Technology Coordinator is also responsible for the following:

  • Maintaining custodial ownership of SEAHO domains on behalf of the association
  • Creating and administering e-mail addresses
  • Designating and administering system-level access
  • Attends Governing Council meetings as a non-voting member

Finally, the Technology Coordinator has the following additional responsibilities:

  • Reports as a liaison to the President and Executive Board
  • Serves as a liaison to the website developer
  • Oversee the work of the Webmaster
  • Identifies and implements technical solutions for the operational benefit of SEAHO
  • Send basic information to each new Governing Council member with instructions for how to use the site, add his/her contract information, post reports, and vote on Governing Council activities and other related items
  • Ensure that the Leadership pages of the SEAHO Website are always updated with the correct individuals filling each position and the correct contact information
  • Submit Committee Reports and budget proposal to the Member at Large according to stated deadlines
  • Submit regular updates to the SEAHO President on the status of all projects with the vendor responsible for updating the SEAHO webpages
  • Attends Governing Council and Executive Board meetings as a nonvoting member


  • Update all outdated content on the website (in progress)
  • Implement a system for SEAHO Placement for conference (in progress)
  • Transfer to the new website (completed)
  • Establish email system (completed)
  • Implement conference registration process earlier than previous years (in progress)
  • Establish a technology contingency plan to assure continuation of services and create a document outlining the administration of the various systems (in progress)
  • Collaborate with the Governing Council and Executive Board on the use of the website (in progress)
  • Promote the use of the website at the SEAHO 2013 conference to the membership
  • Create help tutorials and resources for Governing Council members
  • Recreate the Chief Housing Officer list to make it more user friendly (80% completed)

 Committee Members

  • Tech Coordinator - Ryan Rushing, University of Florida
  • Webmaster - Zach Blackmon, Wake Forest University
  • Members:
    Alex Becking, Georgia Tech University
    Christopher Blakely, Eastern Kentucky University
    Susan Grant, North Carolina State University
    Justin Koonz, Kennesaw Sate University
    Jon Mitchell, East Tennessee State University
    Mason Reuter, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
    Andy Russell, North Carolina State University
    Christine Simone, University of South Florida
    Aaron Wainman, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
    Dan Zimmerman, Georgia Southern University

  • Representative for State Representatives
  • Representative for Elections
  • Representative for Awards
  • Representative for RELI
  • Representative for Case Study, & Educational Grants
  • Representative for Corporate Partners
  • Representative for Conference Registration
  • Representative for SEAHO Report
  • Representative for News & Front Page
  • Representative for Website Passwords & Registration Approval
  • Representative for SEAHO Conference Placement
  • Representative for Non-Technical Questions and Customer Service
  • Representative for Involvement forms
  • Representative for Graphic Design

    Training Video - How to Create/Edit a Custom Page




Our Mission

SEAHO advances excellence in housing programs and staff by promoting best practices, networking, professional development and involvement opportunities.