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State Rep Responsibilities
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The SEAHO State Representative is a position of critical importance to the success of SEAHO. State Representatives are accountable to the Member at Large to whom the State Representatives report and must submit written reports to the Member at Large by October 1 and February 1. Serving as both members of the Governing Council and the Conference Program Committee, SEAHO State Representatives are the core of the governing and services functions as the Association. Each state may impose additional responsibilities or expectations for this position. State Representatives have voting rights on the Governing Council.

1. Serve as the primary liaison between SEAHO and Housing Officers in the state

• Introduce self by letter or email right after the election.
• Advise state colleagues about SEAHO services (self-study grants, awards, scholarships, volunteer activities, nominations, etc.)
• Recruit colleagues from institutions previously inactive in SEAHO
• Promote attendance at the SEAHO Annual Conference
• Promote involvement in SEAHO Committees/Task Forces
• Establish quarterly contact with constituents

2. Serve as a member of the SEAHO Governing Council in all its deliberations and decisions, with voting rights.

3. Serve as a member of the SEAHO Annual Conference Program Committee

• Actively solicit proposals for the Annual Conference. This is of critical importance.
• Assist in review and selection of program proposals during the Mid-Year meeting conducted at the conference site.
• Serve as program liaisons during the annual conference.

4. Assist the state Association as needed.

5. Assist with a state RA and/or Student Leader Conference in state.

6. Promote submission of articles by state colleagues in the SEAHO Report, state newsletters, and other professional publications. (Good time to do some "role modeling.”)

7. Welcome new professionals to state and invite them to become part of SEAHO.

8. Help publicize on-line Involvement form and encourage state colleagues to respond to the SEAHO Call for Volunteers. 9. Update the CHO contact list (web or other) and listserve for respective state.

10. Attend annual conference and assist with State Caucus meeting.

11. Distribute SEAHO Service Awards to state recipients at State Caucus meeting or send to recipients following the meeting. Include letter of congratulations, information about SEAHO, and explanation of SEAHO Service Award.

12. The Annual SEAHO Conferences are designed to rotate among the ten SEAHO states in order, as noted below. State Representatives should be aware of this order and should initiate discussion and planning at the state level at least three years in advance of their turn to host. Host bid information is contained in the Leadership Manual.

• Alabama
• Tennessee
• Louisiana
• South Carolina
• Florida
• North Carolina
• Kentucky
• Georgia
• Mississippi
• Virginia

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• Contact colleagues in state. Introduce (or re-introduce) self and advise colleagues of SEAHO’s services and updates from annual conference.
• Encourage members to begin considering submitting program proposals for the next SEAHO conference. •
Send SEAHO Service Award certificates to recipients who did not attend the annual conference. Include explanation of award along with overview of SEAHO (some recipients will not know what SEAHO is).

• Update state rosters and listserve; insure web postings are current.
• Note the conference host site rotation schedule and, as appropriate, initiate discussion at state level

• SEAHO Call for Programs announced, usually a September deadline.

• Call for Programs continues. Encourage proposals for SEAHO Pre-Conference Workshops and Interest Sessions.

• Call for Programs continues. Send reminder to state colleagues.
• Prepare for fall state Housing Officers Meeting/Conference

• "Invite” proposals on Facilities Management, Administration, Technology, Construction/Renovations, and other under-represented topics
• Advise state colleagues of SEAHO nominations and elections procedures and positions coming open.

• Encourage program proposals
• If an election year, explain selection and tasks of SEAHO State Representative and SEAHO State Editor. Recruit candidates to run, especially candidates from HBCUs..
• Send letter of invitation and encouragement to HBCUs in state to get involved in SEAHO.
• Begin to prepare Mid-Year Meeting Report of states’ activities for submission to Member at Large by October 1.
• Make preparations to attend Mid-Year Meeting
• Advise state colleagues of SEAHO nominations and elections procedures and positions coming open.

• Update state the CHO contact list and listserve.
• Attend SEAHO Mid-Year Meeting
• Publicize SEAHO Awards and SEAHO Conference Fee Waiver Scholarship nomination and application process; encourage nominations and applications

• Perform random acts of kindness.
• Continue to encourage applications for SEAHO Awards and Conference Fee Waiver Scholarship by early January due date

• Verify programs from state.
• Continue to encourage applications for SEAHO Awards and Conference Fee Waiver Scholarship by early January due date
• Begin to prepare Mid-Year Meeting Report of states’ activities for submission to Member at Large by February 1

• Serve as program liaison during conference.
• Attend Governing Council meetings. If being replaced, insure that new State Rep knows about the incoming Governing Council meeting and expectation to attend it.
• Assist or conduct State Caucus Meeting.
• Distribute SEAHO Service Award certificates to those in attendance at State Caucus Meeting; mail certificates to recipients who were unable to attend conference and include letter of congratulation and explanation of award and SEAHO. If being replaced, insure that this information is passed to the next State Rep.
• Encourage housing professionals in respective states to get involved in SEAHO by completing the Involvement Form (available on the web or at the conference) or by contacting the SEAHO President or Chair of the Membership Services Committee.

Our Mission

SEAHO advances excellence in housing programs and staff by promoting best practices, networking, professional development and involvement opportunities.