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Top Fives for TPE

Posted By Tisheika M. Snow, Thursday, March 12, 2015

Top Fives for TPE

The Placement Exchange (TPE) is like playing dodge ball on an indoor trampoline. It is an exciting and fast paced experience! If you have ever played dodge ball on a trampoline, you know there is a lot of bouncing, plenty of rushing, and a lot coordination. This is what you might experience at TPE. Because there will be institutions from all over the country in attendance, you may find yourself bouncing from state to state. In addition, because there are only so many interview slots, you might feel the need to rush to sign up for interviews which will require a great deal of coordination. Here’s my advice: keep calm and strategize, just as you would in a game of dodge ball. Here are some more pieces of advice that may help you before and during your experience at TPE.

Top Five Pieces of Advice for TPE

1.      Practice, Practice, Practice!

Ask colleagues to do mock interviews with you so that you are prepared to answer questions fully and concisely. This is the best way to prepare for interviews at TPE!

2.      Scheduling Interviews

Be sure to go at your own pace and only schedule what you can handle. If you need to have an hour between interviews to re-energize and collect your thoughts, do it!

3.      Compare Yourself to You!

It will be so easy to compare yourself to people in your cohort and people you meet while at TPE. Don’t do that! Comparing yourself to other people may decrease your self-confidence. Instead, think about how each of your own interviews differs and how you can grow from the previous one.

4.      Don’t Take It Personal!

It is possible that you and a friend will be interviewing for the same position. It is also possible that only one of you will make it to the second round. Don’t take it personal if that happens. Be humble and remember that you all have the same goal.

5.      That Awkward Moment When…

There will be moments when you are interviewing with a school that you absolutely adore yet situated to left of that table is an institution that you also really liked. Awkward! Don’t let that hinder you. You have to put your best foot forward every time, so focus on the people in front of you and give it your all!

Top Five Things to Bring to TPE:

1.      Printed Resumes – many institutions will be able to pull your resume from the TPE website but it always helps to have a printed copy handy!

2.      Business Cards – there will be plenty of opportunities to network and you never know who you will meet!

3.      Comfortable Shoes – You will do a lot of walking at TPE. I would suggest bringing more than one pair of shoes.

4.      Breath mints – Choose to use breath mints over gum. They are easy to chew and dispose of in a moment’s notice as opposed to gum. If you do choose to chew gum, remember to spit it out before you go into your interview!

5.      A Good Book – You may experience information overload while at TPE. Bring a book or something that can serve as an outlet when times become stressful. It is so important to stay refreshed throughout the process!

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